Before you setup Megatron you should make sure you have:

  1. A database instance running on your local machine

  2. A redis instance running on your local machine
    (Any cache should work here but only redis is tested)


The objective of this document is to get Megatron up and running in your local environment as fast as possible. To start:

  1. Clone and enter repo:

    git clone
    cd megatron
  2. Set up an app for Megatron

    This step depends on the app or apps you want to use with Megatron:

  3. Setup your environment

    • In your project, make a copy of django-variables.env.default in the app directory.
    • Rename the copy django-variables.env.
    • Edit the values in django-variables.env to match your configuration.

    See here for help with environmental variables: Environment Setup

  4. Run Docker compose:

Finally, point your browser at “localhost:8002” to test that Megatron is running.